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Members List


This membership is current through February 7, 2017.  If you would like to join or renew, please see our membership page.  If you have questions about membership, please email  If you have questions about payment, or you are not on the list, but have paid, please contact

Aimee Ahpeatone
Rachel Barber
Melissa Beck
Faizah Bhatti
Wesley & Allie Burkett
Larri Cates
Steven Chernausek
Andrew Christensen
Claudia Conner
Michael & Lou Ann Davis
Brian & Virginia Dell
Todd Doran
Jerrid Eischen
Lucas Elmore
Jennifer Govenlock
Jordan Gray
William Green
Michele Greenwood
Andrew & Monica Griffin
Carol Haaksma & Jim Tomasek
Christopher Herndon
Cynde Holloway
Dave & Liz Howald
Tyler & Katie Huskerson
Anita Irwin
Melinda Irwin
Todd & Jamee Kelly
Lauren King
Joseph Knauf
Taylor Langley
Mark Mann
Carol Marshall
Steve Mathis
Betsy McAllister
Harry Meister
Don & Jeana Miner
Stephen & Paula Morrow
Huda Mussa
Kyle Olson
Zachary Osko
Raina Pelofsky
Harriette Porter
David & DeAnna Remy
Robert Richardson
JB Schuelein
Mick Shirron
Kimberly Smith
Paul & Linda Smith
Kevin Spicer
Jeff & Millie Stratton
Cindy Taylor
Fred & Nancy Thompson
Ryan & Jenn Tupps
Jill Watskey
Rick Wickersham
Georgia Williams
Johnathan Yeung
Janet & William Young
Anne Zachritz

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