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Join the security association

The Historic Neighborhoods Security Association is a non-profit organization that provides for an outstanding security patrol in our neighborhood as well as adjoining neighborhoods to the south and east -- Heritage Hills and Heritage Hills East.

In April 2007, the security association made significant improvements to its services including a move to uniformed Oklahoma City police officers for its security patrols.  Changes were also made to the administration of the plan, including adding an option of monthly electronic fund transfer (EFT) from a checking or savings account.

The new services are outstanding and membership in the security association costs Mesta Park residents only $35.00 a month.  Please consider joining the association to keep this important service going in our neighborhood.

View the HNSA Brochure in PDF format

Join today!

To sign-up, simply download and complete the forms listed below. The forms contain instructions on how to complete and submit your registration. If you have questions, please call Neighborhood Services Corporation at  405.348.1436 or email them at  NSC is the organization that handles the administration and billing issues related to the association.

You may also contact Mesta Park's security committee chair, Karen Zimmer, at 210-5001 or email for more information.