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Tree Program


Please check back for details regarding another opportunity to purchase trees for your yard! 


Tall shade trees near the street are an admired historic feature of our neighborhood.  Unfortunately, many of the trees planted by early Mesta Park residents have been lost to the Dutch Elm Disease of the 1970s, to natural elements, and to age.  Street trees help the neighborhood by slowing traffic, lowering the ambient temperature in the summer months, disrupting the wind, muffling sound pollution, and increasing walkability.


To replenish our tree-lined streets, the Mesta Park Neighborhood Association is once again promoting a tree-planting program.  For $75 and a committment to water and to properly care for your tree, homeowners can have 2" caliper ball-and-burlap trees professionally planted between the street and the sidewalk. 


Please email for more details.


The program includes 3 tree species selected for their proven success, their fast growth rate, and their tolerance to urban conditions.

  • Princeton Elm - The Princeton Elm is similar to the American Elm that once filled Mesta Park, but it is resistant to Dutch Elm Disease.  This tree grows rapidly to form a tall vase-shaped canopy filled with large glossy green leaves that turn yellow in the fall.  At maturity, a row of Princeton Elms will provide a stately canopy over the sidewalk and street.  A young Princeton Elm is at the NW corner of NW 21st and Walker, between the sidewalk and the street.  Princeton Elms line Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House and the east side of The Garage at 10th and Robinson.
  • London Plane - The London Plane is a fast-growing pyramidal to oval-shaped tree with dappled white to gray exfoliating bark and beautiful large light to dark green leaves.  London Planes are very commin in Mesta Park.  One can find mature London Planes at 700 NW 17th and younger London Planes along the 18th St. Blvd. and in front of 615 NW 16th.
  • Shumard Oak - The Shumard Oak grows at a moderate rate to form a tall pyramidal to oval-shaped shade tree with beautiful dark green leaves that turn a brilliant orange to red in the fall.  The Shumard Oak is similar to the Red Oak, and it is especially tolerant of clay soil and of urban air conditions.  The Shumard Oak is "Oklahoma Proven" by the OSU Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture.  Shumard Oaks or Red Oaks can be found at 400 and 404 NW 22nd (against the buildings) and at 806 NW 20th (sapling).
  • Crepe Myrtles and Vitex are great options for planting under power lines.  Costs for purchase and installation can be discussed following inquiry.


Adding new street trees is a great way to help the neighborhood, so we hope you jump at the opportunity to have trees added to your yard without the hassle of shopping for, transporting, and planting it.  Owners of rental houses and multifamily properties are also encouraged to participate.  If you live in a rental property, please encourage your landlord to participate.  Planting along north-south streets is encouraged for slowing traffic.


Contributions to the program or sponsorship of your neighbors' applications are welcome.  Please contact for more information.