February 2018

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Know Your Neighborhood: Mesta Park Preservation Review Committee

by Sam Stalcup

Mesta Park is zoned as an Historic Preservation District. This designation means that significant changes to the exterior of our homes, as well as demolitions and new construction in the neighborhood require a Certificate of Appropriateness issued by the City of Oklahoma City’s Historic Preservation Commission.

Regular maintenance and simple repairs do not require approval from the city, but a Certificate of Appropriateness is required if proposed work will result in changes to more than 50% of any architectural feature on any one side of the structure. All work done must conform to the standards set forth in Oklahoma City’s Historic Preservation Design & Sustainability Standards and Guidelines, copies of which are available online or from the City of Oklahoma City.

As part of this process, the Historic Preservation Commission empowers each neighborhood to appoint a Preservation Review Committee.

In Mesta Park, our Preservation Review Committee has two key roles. The first is to provide assistance to property owners as they navigate the historic preservation process. The second is to represent the views of the neighborhood on business being considered by the Historic Preservation Commission.

Membership on the Preservation Review Committee is open to any resident of Mesta Park. If you are interested in serving on the committee, please email s.r.stalcup@gmail.com.